Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TLFI and Mike Shinoda talk about "Opening Ceremony"

TLFI recently posted the story behind the video for "Opening Ceremony". Wanna know what they said? Here it is:

Get Busy Committee and TLFI  have been cooking up all kinds of wonderful stuff for years. Alex/2tone has been linked to the group since its inception, and at one time, many moons ago, was the 4th member of the group. Ryu and Alex are longtime friends and constant collaborators. The group is comprised of  Ryu (Styles of Beyond, Fort Minor), Apathy (Demigodz), and Scoop Deville (Next biggest superproducer).
The concept for the video is a bizarre, stream of consciousness celebration of finally making it in life. The idea is that they have won all the awards in the world and have finally made it to the big time, and are now living out their dreams. All in all the song and video are a metaphor for success. A Celebration as big as the Opening Ceremony at the Olympics.
Alex/2tone, founder of TLFI, directed the video and due to the already existing relationship with him and GBC, and due to the fact that they love the brand, most people in the video were wearing TLFI. The video moves fast, so we took a few pics out so you can see where TLFI is placed. We hope you like the video, it was a labor of love for Alex /2tone and us over here at TLFI.
As Scoop and 2tone are prone to say, for now reason repeatedly, “Swag.”
Check their site to learn more...

Speaking of the video, Mike Shinoda (LP and FM) - a great musician/artist/producer, huge fan of GBC and buddies with the guys - also posted about the video. You can check it on his blog here. Isn't it amazing when good buddies and co-musicians pay credit to each other for their work? 

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