Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quick Update!

Hello guys!

So here's a quick update about GBC and FM!

As you know, ''The Rising Tied'' of Fort Minor celebrated its 5th birthday and Styles Of Beyond Central posted the following:

''In celebration of this 5-year marker, for posterity's sake, and for those of you who missed out on this selection of unreleased tracks (or perhaps only got ahold of the low-quality/bootlegged version of the tracks via the fake Fort Minor Militia EP release, which included several unofficial Fort Minor tracks), we will now proudly re-release those 8 Militia Exclusive tracks for you to snag here!''

Now, on our GBC stuff:
1. Tomorrow we will post your fan stories under the post ''How I became a GBC fan''. It's your last chance to write us your little story in the following ways
~via commenting this post
~via Direct Message on our twitter
~via posting on our Facebook page

2. Yes, we now have a Facebook Page! Like and Suggest to friends!

3. New interview coming up soon, so STAY TUNED.

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