Friday, November 26, 2010

How I became a GBC fan

As you might have seen, we asked your help about something. To tell us your story about being a fan of Get Busy Committee. And we got some replies :)
Here you are :

I first heard about GBC 6 months ago when I started working for TLFI. My first intro to them was reading this crazy interview from them >>
Then I had the opportunity to meet them... such rad incredible guys. I have nothing but amazing things to say about all 3.
Since then my world has forever been changed and I am an official GBC fan :)

year ago I kept hearing great beats and seeing produced by Scoop Deville in the credits. I YouTubed him one day and found Fresh off the Top with Ryu and Young De. I was like damn this is nice. Then I saw the GBC link for Say What?! Clicked it and was hooked. Everything I heard from them was fresh and had a subtle nod to my era coming up in the 80s and early 90s. I appreciate GBC for that, and a year later Scoop is very much in demand and a new GBC record is around the corner! GBC 4 Life!

Damon Black:
Yeah so here's my little story on how I became a GBC fan... I'd been a fan of Styles Of Beyond since 1999 when I bought 2000 Fold thinking it was a techno cd. Oops... I was instantly hooked by Ryu's presence and rhyme style so I paid attention and tried to follow projects he was a part of. Some years later, I found him on myspace and discovered a track called "My Little Razorblade" in his track list. I believe it was '08 when I first heard the track. The artist on the track was "Get Busy Committee" and I had no idea at the time that things were in the works for something much greater. I was also getting quite acquainted with a very informative website known as and found a killer mix-tape titled "Razor Tag". That's the first time I had ever heard Scoop Deville spit lyrics. Scoop was on a track titled "Kill 'em In The Face" and came off with a real smooth rhyme flow. Later I heard some of his production work on the Fort Minor mix-tape titled "We Major". The first time I ever heard Apathy was on a nasty little album called "Megadef" and I thought he was absolutely insane. As time went on, there was more talk of this “Get Busy Committee” project and it was natural for me to keep my ears to the ground on this one. The buzz was steadily getting bigger and finally on October 27, 2009 I got my pre-order download for the GBC’s debut album “Uzi Does It”. (Real Talk) The sound was nothing other than original and refreshing. No auto-tune, no karaoke bullshit, just pure innovative Hip-Hop. The West Coast has been resurrected!!!!

Jay Sensei:
Mike Shinoda was promoting them a lot. That's how I got into em.

Nichole Portales
:I first starting listening to GBC after Mike Shinoda posted the link for "No Time To Speak". Ever since then I have loved everything that they have come out with including the new stuff. I havent seen them live yet but I hope I get the chance someday.

Well, I first heard about GBC and their new debut album "Uzi Does It" on, and I felt like I wanted check that out, so I did, and I liked
it, I bought this album, and I've had it on repeat for like a month. The
Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa, it was the very first time I've seen them live, they were
awesome, and they rocked the hell outta me. I love the whole album, but
If I had to choose only 3 songs for my playlist, they'd be "Shoot Me Up", "My
Little Razorblade", and "Diamonds In Your Eyes"

I'm a fan of GBC since last year. When Mike Shinoda was promoting them in his blog i searched for info about that band and later (February 14th) i saw "I Don't Care About You" and i was like: "Whoa!! I need to hear the whole album". And that's what i did. After listen GBC's album i became a super fan of them. Oh, and also i talked with them on Twitter and they are so nice that i must be their fan. Unfortunatly i never went to a concert by GBC... but i hope can go one day. :D

(via his blog) & Ryu via hisTwitter told me about GBC.Then I checked My Little Razorblade &I Don't Care About You andI loved it .I haven't seen them live because I'm from Poland :(

I was always a huge fan of hip-hop. I even loved hip-hop more than rock when I was younger. In 2005, after Fort Minor's mixtape We Major and The Rising Tied were released, I found out about Styles Of Beyond. I thought that Ryu, Tak, Cheap were freaking awesome. In 2009, I found out about Get Busy Committee, from Mike Shinoda's blog. I always knew that Mike has a very great, yet sometimes a very "Shinodish" taste in music, but GBC was something really fresh, and I loved them. In late October, Uzi Does It was released. I've bought the CD, and I still can't help by rediscovering the songs over and over again. There's something in them, that I cannot put into words other than "epic, amazing, kick ass". I can't wait for more GBC records! 

I first heard about GBC from Mike Shinoda. He was blogging a lot about them and their upcoming debut album. Truth is I didn't pay much attention to it but later on I read that Ryu, Apathy and Scoop are the members and since they nailed it on the FM record I had to check GBC out too. The day of the release finally came and I remember Mike blogging about it and mentioning how dope it is and that your life would be incomplete if you never heard the record. I run and bought it from iTunes that same moment. Since then I'm a hardcore fan. I wish I could see them live tho

For me everything started back in May of 2009, when Mike Shinoda told us on twitter he was going to a GBC gig. I was so curious to learn about this band and so I searched their music on youtube and on iTunes and I found myself falling in love with their tracks. Especially with ''I don't Care bout you''. And that's how I became one of their most hardcore fans. My dream is to see them live in Greece, or even better, live in some gig in the city of angels :). Through this blog I'm showing my love for them, along with my blog mates, Eva and Claudia. I can't describe what I'm feeling about them.. Many of you might say that I'm listening to them because Shinoda does the same. WRONG. But I'm really thankful to him for promoting them. Keep it up guys!

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