Sunday, March 4, 2012

SOB's "Reseda Beach" Coming Soon

Good news for all the SOB (aka Styles Of Beyond) fans out there. Plan was to release the long awaited Reseda Beach a little while before or after the new GBC album would drop. Seems like we're getting it in about 2 months according to the conversation between Ryu and Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda. Who's excited? :D

If you read that conversation between the two, you'll see that the album will be released through the label of CelphTitled (dirty version) and that they haven't set a date yet but it'll be in about 2 months as we mentioned above. Also, you can see Ryu and Mike talking about a specific song "The Pirate Song" which apparently is pretty dope (Mike has listened to the record before) and will probably make the first to be released song from the album, not 100% sure though yet. 


  1. What ever happened with the release???

  2. Is this out or what? -Michael Phoe

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