Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ryu Going Solo

Good to know that GBC remains the band we all love, as Ryu informed us a while ago.

We're pleased to announce that Ryu has finally decided to do his solo record. He has already started listening to beats and scores people have been sending him so if you have something that you wanna share with him feel free to send it to his twitter account. He'll be more than pleased to listen to whatever you have to offer. We hope his dream of having Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda produce his solo project will come true.  Our best wishes to Ryu for his new project!

Scoop and Apathy are also working on their own projects. Scoop, as always, continues mixing and producing his owns beats which you can always check on his OfficialFM page and check for updates on his twitter. Apathy, after releasing another solo album entitled Honkey Kong, is working on a new Demigodz album. For updates, check his twitter.

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