Monday, December 12, 2011

GBC has one foot in the grave?

There hasn't been too much news lately regarding music (Scoop regularly updates his blog, be sure to check out for new swag mixes and remixes) but Ryu has tweeted something that has got the entire KAU team worked up... and it also should get any GBC fan feeling not so nice.

We aren't sure if Ryu has been serious or not but this doesn't bring too much joy.... We don't want to think it's the halfway to the end or beyond that - the end itself....


  1. I think it just means theyre about to kill shit!!!

  2. Maybe it means they're getting ready to start dancin on some graves once that second foot is in there. All I know is i need me some opening ceremony and reseda beach like right meow

  3. While it breaks my heart, there isn't a thing I can do about it... Just hope that the situation resolves itself...