Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scoop Deville - Interview

Respect Magazine has posted a brand new interview with Scoop here. Check out what Scoop said about the new album and what to expect and what GBC means to him among others.

Here are a few quotes:

"When’s the new Get Busy Committee album dropping, man?
Man, I’m really not too sure, but I think we’ll get it ready for late November, hopefully. We just finished mixing it. We just dropped a mixtape for it, which showed up on Jay-Z’s blog, Life + Times." 

"Where’s your name come from? I read there’s an exotic ice cream parlour in Philly called Scoop DeVille.
[laughs] Yeah, I know, I’ve seen that too. I always had that name since I was a kid. My pops would always call me Scoop, and then DeVille came later when I was in my teens. I was kind of big back then, kind of husky, chubby, so my dad would say I was big like a Caddy, DeVille, Scoop DeVille. So that’s how I got my name." 

Read the whole interview for more. It seems like we're getting the new album sometime at the end of November after all. Excited? :)

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