Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy anniversary, Koalas and Uzis!

Our lovely Uzi Patrol team,

It's been a year since this site went on air. Seems like yesterday that I was standing in front of my laptop thinking of something big to make to support Get Busy Committee. Then, I came up with this blog, joined by my soulmate, Eva and later by the two awesome ladies, Claudia and Alex. You know, keeping a fansite always updated is a really tough job. I can say that we have the best team ever and I want to thank those 3 girls for everything they did and they'll do.

As you might have seen, during this first year we provided you with 2 exclusive interviews of the always stunning Brevi and of Ryu, our Ryu! We did some polls, some wishes gathering and many more. We still have much more to show you and write about because Get Busy Committee is a band that never rests, providing us with new music and so, new posts.

To the thank you's part: Thanks a lot to every single soul that ever bothered to visit this place. It really, really means a lot to us. We hope you all enjoy our posts and that we don't offend anyone with our writing. If so, you better contact us! Also, big thanks to Get Busy Committee for supporting us all this time, TLFI, Styles Of Beyond Central, Adie's Blog and sooooo many more people.

Second year is on! Stay tuned for more surprises and you're not going to regret it!

On behalf of the A-Team,