Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ryu - Video Chat

Ryu just finished a 3 and a half hours video chat on facebook's tiny chat. Yeap, 3 and a half hours! He played us some dope tracks including the Wretches and Kings Remix ft. Mike Shinoda, some unreleased GBC tracks, Pay Me in Ass and some other pretty cool tracks. He also talked about his buddy Mike Shinoda. He said "Mike is the dopest rapper that ever lived". How cool is that? I love it when the guys pay credit to each other. Overall, it was a chat full of booze and too much swag going on. :)

PS.: He also shouted the KAU Team out! :D

Here're a couple screenshots I took:

EDIT: Here's a screenshot with the Mike Shinoda shoutot. Thanks to Shinizlesoldier


  1. Haha, the Mike part was answer for my Question :)
    A snapshot about the Q:

  2. Welcome :)
    I have some other here