Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryu!!!! :D

Today is the day!!! The one and only Ryu has his birthday! We wish him all to have a freaking awesome day and enjoy it as much as possible with his friends and family. The KAU team is proud to announce that we put together, along with the fans of course, a special surprise for Ryu. We hope you like it :) 

First though, we dedicate this awesome video to you: 

Now, here's the surprise we got for ya. Below you'll find letters and drawings from your fans from all over wishing you a happy birthday! Hope you enjoy them! 

Here are a few drawings: 

from Adiek84, Germany

 from Anna, Germany

 from Chaaaaaaaarlie, Hungary

 from Chris, Italy

 from Marcia D., Portugal

 from Shanky, India

 from Shinizlesoldier, Hungary

 from Aravind, India

 from Yuichi, Japan

Now, here's a video Ebi from Iran made for you: 

Here are a few letters: 
  • Happy birthday Ryu! Best wishes to you on your birthday. Have a fun one! from Sweetie, US 

  • Happy B-Day Ryu!!!I wish you all the best!!! from NickyLP, Greece

  • Hey there Ryu!!! 
I wish you a very happy birthday, I hope you have an AMAZING day with all you friends and family and that everything you've ever wished for comes true.

Party it up! from Ana, US

  • Happy birthday Ryu! Wish you all the best. I really admire you and your work and I want you to know that you’re one of the best rappers ever! from Joanaresende, Portugal

  • Happy birthday Ryu, all the way from Vietnam. I've been a fan since I heard you on Fort Minor. Really love the stuff you do with SOB and GBC. Keep making great music! I really hope to see some more SOB materials in the future! from Androoid154, Vietnam

  • Happy birthday Ryu! Wish you fun, more fun and even more fun! from Park3ms

Lastly, here are the KAU Team's wishes:

  • I would like to wish you, Ryu, a very happy birthday spent with your friends, homies, and family. I wish you to keep pursuing your dreams and stay true to yourself because you're amazing. Hopefully I'll get to see you perform someday. Have a blast man! from Claudia, Lithuania

  • You're the best and deserve the best, happy birthday to you Ryu. Hope this day will be special for you! from Alex, Italy

  • Happy birthday to an awesome and talented guy! Keep rocking our world with your magnificent rhymes!! from Antigoni, Greece

 from Eva, Greece 

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