Monday, December 27, 2010

Ryu And Scoop On Stickcam & Fuel TV

Earlier today Scoop and Ryu did a stickcam video chat from Ryu's house. Acoording to Ryu, he got a new computer yesterday and he wanted to test it wirh stickcam. Unfortunately I couldn't record can check Scoop's account on stickcam here and feel free to follow him if you've got an account there as well.
The guys played us some music including a new GBC song, which by the way sounds awesome, and some others. You must have seen them dancing when they played a traditional Greek song. It was hilarious! :P Other than that, they were doing their usual stuff. It was great....

On other news, we still haven't got the video from their appereance on Fuel's TV "Daily Habit". Even the TV show's site doesn't have the video. If anyone has it and would like to share it with us will be much appreciated.

Reminder: The Ryu interview is happening next week and we wanna hear your questions for him. So, if you have any, drop a comment here or tweet/DM us on our twitter page. ;)

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