Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brevi On Koalas And Uzis

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce that we have an interview with Brevi! We'd like to thank her for helping us!

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KAU: First of all, thanks for helping us with the interview. How did you meet the guys from Get Busy Committee and what led to the collaboration in ''Dancin On Your Grave''
Brevi: I met Apathy years ago at Paramount Recordings. More recently, I'd been working with Demerick (Young De) in the studio and he'd introduced me to Ryu and Scoop. The ''Dancin On Your Grave'' came about very off the cuff. Scoop was at a nearby studio so I stopped in. That ridiculous beat was playing and they'd asked me to go in the booth and see what I could come up with. I was only in there for 5-10 mins and I wasn't hitting them with high notes very well that night but the guys liked the light and eerie feel it gave. I had no idea what would happen to the track.

KAU: As far as we're concerned, you play a main role in the vocals of their new album. How's the experience of working with the guys?
Brevi: I love working with the guys! There's a mutual respect there so it allows for maximum creativity.

KAU: Which artists do you admire? Who was your idol during your teen life?
Brevi: I admire artists that have no fear such as 50Cent... and revolutionary, see Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince. Boundary pushers and game changers found in Eminem and Kanye. Of course pertaining to the more mainstream of talents. As a teen, Madonna appealed very strongly to my coming-of-age powerful, feminine side, while Eminem's fight and in your face struggle to the very top was something I could relate to on a more realistic level.

KAU: Between Apathy, Scoop and Ryu who could be your best friend and why?
Brevi: It's all family, but I guess whomever hides the dope the quickest.

KAU: Which was the hardest track to write in your opinion?
Brevi: There weren't any challenges really. The guys just let me do me and if it worked, it would get used on record.

KAU: Did you have the chance to meet Mike Shinoda in studio?
Brevi: Nope, no Mikey.

KAU: What do you have to say about social media? Are they helpful for you?
Brevi: I am not the best at keeping on top of my social media game, but I'm getting better. It's a very important platform to be able to build awareness and bring attention to your business or brand. It has proven to be helpful for me, most definately.

KAU: Which is your favorite album of all times?
Brevi: Hardest question of all, but I will give you the satisfaction of naming just one. Specifically, due to it's impact, the time period in which it was played Back-to-front-to-back and the feeling in the air it leaves, one of my favorites of all time would be A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders LP.

KAU: And the last one...Will you participate in any GBC gigs?
Brevi: If they call me, I will come....And I will look GOOD.



  2. Brevi is REAL and write great songs and comes up with awesome beats...she is the BEST We hope to here more of her with her own recordings, they are HOT.